The world of today is driven by all things digital. Technology and digitalization have changed the process of sales and marketing entirely. Digitalization has made marketing for easier and achievable. Most marketers and digital marketing strategists at digital marketing agency Virginia Beach and elsewhere believe that more and more businesses would be embracing digital marketing. However, the most significant shift has been registered in referrals. As per a study, around 84% of purchase and sales decisions in a B2B market are based on referrals with 65% of businesses sprouting out of references.

While it is true that the digital transformation of marketing has made the target audience more accessible, it has also made the market more stringent and competitive. Businesses and brands eyeing to establish a global name of them cannot achieve this feat without deploying digital marketing solutions. Besides this, it is imperative for such companies to have a sales team that is proactive in its marketing approaches.

Now is the age of social selling.

Marketing and business experts believe that by the end of this year, there would be over 2.55 billion global users of social media. This means social media channels are a ready market of active audiences for brands and businesses to target and convert them into revenue.

Most businesses and salespersons have already unlocked the powers of social media marketing, and they are reaping the awards in terms of higher brand visibility and sales.

But what is more interesting to note is that consumers are taking note of the online marketing efforts made by brands. As per a study conducted by PwC, roughly 78% of consumers are influenced by social media when it comes to making a purchase. Almost half of the consumers studied claimed that comments, reviews, and feedback on social media change their buying behavior.

Here is where the trouble for brands lies. Since digital domains are platforms where consumers can share their thoughts and experiences, they don’t mind sharing negative reviews and feedback. If used appropriately, social selling can bring an incredible increase in sales and improve a brand’s online presence.

What’s the impact of social selling?

If one is to go by the definition, social selling is a subset of digital marketing wherein salespersons use social media tools to reach out to their target audience.  Through the power of social media, salespeople connect with their prospective consumers directly and offer them value-added services.

By solving consumer queries, resolving issues and offering thoughtful content on social media platforms, salespersons can add value to the brand and convert a prospect into sales in no time.

The recent phenomenon of fake news and misleading contents are driving online consumers wanting for more reliable and transparent source of information. Given the increasing need for brands that share the same beliefs and thoughts as the consumers, social media is an apt medium to gain the trust of the consumers and form a long-term relationship with them.

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