Digital marketers and marketing innovators from the digital marketing agency in Virginia Beach believe that quality and user relevant content is one of the essentials for an effective marketing strategy. Marketing professionals have been developing their digital marketing strategies keeping content at the core. Although the content is a vital component in marketing a business, creating and producing content is not enough. Companies have to emphasize promoting it to leverage the power of high-quality content.

Since content curation and its promotion require specific expertise, many online marketing agencies are offering solutions to promote content besides digital marketing services. But before we delve into how a brand can attract more visitors to their content, let’s find out why it is essential?

Why Is Content Promotion Important?
Besides driving high quality leads to a website, a well-promoted content can turn these leads into potential consumers, create brand awareness and make your content unique in the market. As per a study conducted by HubSpot, 47% of consumers engage with the brand’s content over 4-5 times before they interact with the sales professional. Thus, promoting the content that addresses the pain points of their customers can significantly maximize the content’s potential to engage more and more visitors.

Promoting Content To Enhance Traffic And Engagement
Organic promotion and Paid promotion are the two methods to promote content. Inorganic content promotion, brands promote their content on owned channels like social media platforms, email marketing or websites content placements. The organic content promotion allows content visibility without incurring marketing costs. The content is placed and promoted on the sites or channels used by the targeted audience.

Facebook Ads, Adwords, Twitter Ads, etc are a few examples of paid content promotion. In paid content promotion, marketers can control the demographic they want to target. It allows them to narrow down the targeted audience that come under their specifics and expose their content to them. When indulging in a paid content promotion, it is advisable to test the content promotion campaign on a smaller group to analyze the effectiveness of the campaign.

Developing a Content Promotion Calendar
With a content promotion calendar in place, a brand can keep track of all the promotional activities conducted across the social media channels. Having a schedule ensures that no opportunity to leverage the potential of compelling content is missed. Additionally, it also helps to align the content with the promotional campaign to ensure that the activities address all the concerns faced by the buyer at any given stage.

Divide Your Database Leads Into Segments So Content Promotion Can Be Precisely Targeted
To make content visible to more and more audience, it is not enough to promote it on only one channel. But while promoting the content across the channels, it is advisable to subdivide the target demographic into specific segments. By doing so, your content would reach its right audience.

Customize Messaging For Each Channel
Each channel available online has its requirement. Before formulating a promotional campaign, assess the channel you have considered for content promotion. Evaluate your message; determine your audience to customize your content.

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